Our mission

Future-proof ALL kids for a 21st-century
STEM-based workforce.

What We Do

TechTrep is a comprehensive STEM and CTE education provider that works with families, schools, and communities. We provide a diverse selection of online personalized, project-based, and self-paced STEM experiences for all students. By engaging in these STEM experiences, students are preparing for the in-demand STEM workforce and a bright future. We solve the high-quality STEM learning and teacher shortage with built-in lesson plans and curriculum, making it possible for anyone to be a STEM facilitator, mentor, or coach for our courses. 

School Districts, Charters, and Private Schools

We help schools of all sorts implement virtual STEM and CTE academies with ubiquitous access to TechTrep in ways that fit them best. Whether it be in-school, after-school, or out-of-school students easily engage in STEM early and according to their interests.

Community Organizations

We help connect community partners with schools and school districts to provide support for ALL students to access STEM learning and pathway opportunities. Community partners can also spin up their own STEM and CTE academy independent of a school.

Parents and Homeschoolers

Students and families engage with TechTrep’s STEM and CTE experiences at home with support from an online mentor. Courses are designed to be fun and engaging, and introduce kids to soft-STEM (21st-century) skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.

Why We Do What We Do

If our kids aren’t prepared to fill the present and future skills gap, our economy will be in a crisis of great proportions.


STEM-related jobs are unfilled in our country.


STEM-related jobs will go unfilled by 2028.


of jobs will be transformed or eliminated in the next 10 years due to artificial intelligence and automation.


of graduates are qualified for in-demand STEM jobs.

As you can see, these stats are staggering! At the rate of STEM adoption in our school systems, our kids will not be prepared for when they enter the workforce. As a society, we need to get our kids excited about and introduced to STEM early. We need to act now and involve kids in enriching STEM experiences at home, at school, and in independent programs.

View Our Course Offerings:

Drawing & Animation Foundations

Drawing and Animation Foundations

Ages 5+

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computer screen graphic with symbols

Computer programming foundations

Ages 11+

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Business Card with "founder" on it

Creativity and Innovation: Begin Entrepreneurship

Ages 11+

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Future of Artificial Intelligence

Ages 15+

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