Global STEMinistry and Entrepreneurship Ministry

The Problem

There are 500,000 STEM related jobs available across the country and not enough STEM trained people to fill them. This number will continue grow with 2.72M STEM related jobs being projected by 2020 according to PWC (Price Waterhouse Cooper). Further, artificial intelligence (AI), automation, robotics, and machine learning will cause 47% of the jobs that we know today to disappear over the next 20 year. Most of our children are being taught 20th century skills for a 21st century economy, they will not have many options. Many of our adults currently will be displaced if they are not re-trained. This has the potential to create an economic crisis of great proportions that will erode our country’s position as the leader in STEM related innovations if we don’t immediately address the issues at a scale and magnitude that will make a difference over the next 5 years.