TECHTREP COURSES Introduce students to

STEM Career Pathways

  • Project and problem-based

    Project and Problem based learning are not totally synonymous, but both are at the foundation for STEM education. These learning strategies focus on preparing students for life after school as they address complex challenges and problems in our world.

  • Essential 21st-century skills

    The 4 C's (collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and communication) are the most popular 21st-century skills. The 4 C's are just the beginning. Among other essential skills (a.k.a. employability skills) practiced through STEM activities, we like adaptability, confidence, problem-solving, curiosity, perseverance, active-listening, leadership, self-discipline, and self-regulation.

  • future-proof

    A 2017 report by Dell predicts that future employment will value in-the-moment learning and the ability to gain new knowledge higher than the knowledge people already have. STEM principles and concepts provide students opportunities to learn how to learn.

  • learn by doing

    Doing-based learning is a major process in gaining knowledge and skill development. A multi-year study finds that 99% of STEM teachers say students learn better by doing. 94.5% of these teachers say that they would have their students do more activities in class if they had more time and resources.

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