Spring and Fall Events

International Tech Trep Showcase

Highlighting Top Mavericks Around the World

From cool Minecraft Mods to 3D Animations to incredible businesses, young people can create some pretty amazing things.  We love to highlight top Mavericks from around the world in our Spring and Fall Showcase Events.  Think of it as a combination of Shark Tank® and American Idol® for 8-15 year olds.

Typically held in April and October, these events include a mix of in-person and virtual showcase presentations by innovative young minds to friends, family, and forward-thinking community leaders from all over the world.  Eligible students may qualify for awards, prizes, and scholarships – more information will be provided to participating students.

Start bringing your ideas to life and get ready to share – Dare to Create.

Spring 2016 Showcase was held May 6, 2016 – Check out our Facebook page for photos of an amazing night!