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Your kids need STEM, and our world needs your kids!

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)–brought on by advancements in automation, artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D-printing, and other emerging technologies–will transform businesses and labor markets, with enormous change predicted in the skills needed to thrive in a 21st-century economy.

47% of present-day jobs will disappear or completely transform in the next few years according to the Oxford University future of employment study.

Without STEM experiences, our kids will be “well educated” but useless in a 21st-century economy, according to Yuval Noah Harari. Let’s get them ready with STEM!

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At-home STEM learning solutions for your kids


As a national community, we are venturing into an unknown future when so much in life feels out of our control—including our children’s education. It’s time to take control!

Give your kids online experiences that will improve their future and change the world for the better: give them online STEM experiences.

Help your children discover what they want to do in life. Expose them to new career opportunities. Let them discover what they really love. Ignite their passion that will help them shoot forward in life.

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What is STEM?

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math,
but it encompasses so much more.


We have reached a moment in time where STEM is not set apart from the world, but rather influences every aspect of our education, work, and community life. — STEM Connector

The future competitiveness of the United States in an increasingly interconnected global economy depends on the nation fostering a workforce with strong capabilities and skills in STEM.  — The National Academy of Sciences



STEM experiences are what our kids need now, to be successful tomorrow.


STEM experiences expose children to 21st-century skills in a project-based, integrated way. Not only will your child master technical skills, but they’ll also learn life-changing soft skills such as:

•  Problem-solving•  Creativity
•  Problem-finding•  Communication
•  Perseverance•  Curiosity
•  Leadership•  Collaboration
•  Failing successfully•  Confidence
•  Adaptability•  Critical thinking



The Power of STEM


Give your children a competitive advantage. With STEM they’ll master skills few other children ever acquire, giving them a leg up on future competition.

Children immersed early in STEM experiences are less likely to develop self-defeating ideas about their abilities. They experience success in STEM before they think they can’t.

Ready your children now with STEM experiences that teach them how to learn new technologies. In the fast-changing future, people who can adapt quickly will move ahead.






78% of high school graduates do not meet the national benchmark readiness standards in STEM subjects.



3 million+ STEM-related jobs will go unfilled by 2028.



47% of jobs will be transformed or eliminated due to automation and artificial intelligence.


Gaps in our children’s education


Our school systems are struggling to evolve our kids’ STEM education to fit the 21st-century world due to antiquated state and federal educational policies.  Graduates are ill-equipped to meet the STEM job needs and to address the complex STEM problems of tomorrow.

Critical gaps, including fundamental skills, incorrect beliefs of STEM traits, and disproportionate STEM participation from girls, students of color, and urban and rural students contribute to the growing demand to better prepare ALL students to meet the needs and demands of the STEM workforce and the overall workforce of the future.

If ALL students aren’t prepared to fill the present and future gaps, our society’s future will be in crisis. THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW.




We can fill the gaps together

That’s where TechTrep comes in



TechTrep works with students, parents, schools, and communities to develop and provide comprehensive STEM education initiatives.


We take the burden off of parents and school districts by providing online, in-school, after-school, and out-of-school (at-home or in the community) STEM experiences for students five years and older.


Online STEM experiences are project-based, self-paced, personalized (you choose your experience), engaging, and supported by a live STEM mentor.



Why TechTrep?

The at-home STEM solution for your child


Across the country, our children are being taught 20th-century skills using 19th-century pedagogy for an accelerating 21st-century global economy. Cultivating the 21st-century workforce demands all students be provided multiple STEM experiences early in their development and through their high school journey.

TechTrep partners with you to ‘future-proof’ your kids for 21st-century STEM-based opportunities by providing access to STEM experiences for all kids at an early age. All kids, means ALL KIDS!

Our STEM courses and learning resources align with national and international standards (ISTE, STL, NGSS). We engage students in important STEM concepts, ignite student creativity and curiosity, and elevate kids’ futures.

Student licenses include a full year of anywhere-anytime access and enrollment in our online platform, a personal online mentor, built-in lessons, and a 14-day money-back or course-swap guarantee.

With recent events and school closures, we are committed to giving ALL kids access to enriching STEM experiences at affordable prices and in multiple ways.

Easy Platform

Anytime and anywhere access to the built-in lessons enable parents/guardians to be involved as much or as little as circumstances allow.

Fun and Engaging

Our STEM experiences cater to your child’s interests and keep them learning.

Personalized and Self-Paced

Experiences are designed to allow kids to move at their own pace and complete projects based on their interests.

Online Mentors

Mentors support children through their experience, answering questions, encouraging STEM-learning practices, and grading assignments as needed.

Variety of STEM experiences

The STEM platform exposes kids to more than just robotics and coding. They can focus their learning in an area that interests them: business, entrepreneurship, digital media, financial literacy, animation, graphic arts, programming, gaming, engineering, and rocketry.

Learn new skills

Not only will they learn a tech skill, but more importantly, they’ll learn how to learn a new technology.


Experiences you and your kids will love!


“It is designed for kids that want to play and create!” – Programming and Gaming: Hunter, age 12

“Tech courses are fun. They are exciting! They give you a sense of community, and they teach you important life skills that you are going to need later in life, especially with how the tech industry is moving and innovating every day.” – Kam, age 17

“My children learned that they actually like to code! I love how organized and efficient the program is. All questions are answered quickly and everyone is willing to help. Very satisfied! – Parent

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Begin learning! Engage with your child as much or as little as you like, perhaps developing your own 21st-century skills along the way!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? No problem! Here are a few we hear a lot.

In general, all courses work on any standard, up-to-date PC, or Mac.
If you use a Chromebook, make sure to check system requirements in the course details to see if the course is compatible with Chromebook.

That depends! Many experiences in the platform only require a computer, Internet, and a willing learner.
Some experiences will require a free software download. Others will require additional resources, which you would purchase separately. Examples are Robotics LEGO kit for LEGO Early Engineering.
Additional resource requirements are explicitly listed in each course description.

Yes, we are beginning to offer STEM experiences for students up to 12th grade. Contact us for more information.

You can be involved as much or as little as you would like to be. Courses are designed to be independently led by students in grades 3-8, with a little more help in the 3th-4th grades. You can always check student progress and work through your child’s portal. Of course, students do best when parents encourage their learning and keep them accountable.

Grading is not required but is available as you need. Some participants use courses as their homeschool curriculum and depending on your state's requirements, you may need to submit reports of student work.
Assignments and projects are graded by the course mentor, who also provides guidance and feedback.

Your student’s course mentor grades and provides feedback for assignments and is available for any questions you or your child may have.
If necessary, mentors can video chat with you and/or your child in order to explain concepts, help with projects, etc.
Mentors have a natural interest in your child's progress and learning. Beyond encouraging your child, your mentor wants your child to extend their capabilities and will seek ways to provide inspiring ideas to help them achieve more!

Yes! We offer many integrative experiences in digital media, animation, and graphic arts.
Take a look at our catalog!