Techtrep courses introduce students to

CTE Career Pathways

  • Project Based

    CTE courses bring out opportunities for hands-on and minds-on application and discover of STEM foundational concepts. The funnest part is designing and then creating solutions to meaningful problems.

  • Mastery-Based Learning

    Sometimes referred to as competency-based learning, mastery learning provides students opportunities to learn deeply and demonstrate their skills and abilities before moving on to a different concept.

  • Marketable Skill Development

    Scaffolding and integrating the mastery of skills with additional concepts and skills equips our kids with marketable artifacts and experiences for when they enter the world of work. Future career opportunities will depend on demonstrated skills and abilities more than standardized exam scores.

  • Career Readiness

    In general, CTE experiences from middle school up through high school and beyond provides all students access to high-quality, rigorous career-focused programs that result in attainment of credentials with labor market value.

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