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Tech Trep Academy is Official!

Education is my passion.

Having been involved in education and business for the past 25 years, I have seen firsthand the spark in a child’s eyes when understanding occurs and a love of learning is born.  A child’s potential can become truly limitless with the right tools and opportunities; yet, in our modern education system designed to teach to the masses, many students lose sight of that initial spark or feel overlooked or left behind. Tech Trep Academy was created to help kids move beyond the traditional standardized classroom setting – igniting their creativity and imagination through an online, interactive learning community focused on technology and entrepreneurship.

We assembled a team of some of the smartest minds in education, technology, and business to develop an interactive curriculum in the areas of computer and game programming for kids, Minecraft modding, 3D printing, digital art/animation, sound mixing, media editing, and entrepreneurship. Our courses are built using open-source, low-cost software to allow our online tech mentors the ability to update and personalize courses for each student’s needs. Our goal is to inspire future TECHnology enthusiasts to develop skills that will transform them into real world young enTREPreneurs if they desire.Blog-post-photo-matt

We are passionate about sharing Tech Trep Academy with the world. To that end, we’ve partnered with NFL Hall of Famer Steve Young’s Forever Young Foundation, a non-profit organization with the same dedication to the development, empowerment, and education of children as we have.  Steve Young, a dedicated father, shares our vision of providing young people with the right opportunities and resources to help them realize their amazing potential and excel in a technologically driven world.

Children are not standard, and their ability to learn and grow shouldn’t be standard either. As parents, you know your children best, and you know what will speak to their passions and interests and help spark a lifelong love of learning and creating. Tech Trep Academy designs courses with these kids in mind, and we are committed to making sure every child has the means and opportunity to shape their future, fearlessly.

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