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Teaching Kids To Code

Many kids are enthralled by the video games they play constantly, and that often leads to a curiosity about how those games work and what it takes to present the display they see.

Why computer coding can be good for your child 

The primary skill which is brought out in a child is thinking like a computer, i.e. taking a logical, step-by-step approach to solving a problem. This is something that will serve your child well in school and in life, so it’s a talent that deserves cultivation. In the broader context, familiarity with computers is a pre-requisite for doing any kind of coding, so if your child has not had a great deal of this kind of exposure, coding will certainly change that. Computer literacy is an essential skill for kids to develop today.

The creative process which is necessary for computer coding is another very worthwhile quality that should be encouraged in young people, and is given free reign in the process of creating a computer program. It cannot be overstated how valuable it is for a child to assimilate information from various sources and summarize that learning in the expression of a computer program. The thinking process is stimulated significantly, and the habit of understanding a diversity of data is a skill that will not be found in any textbook.

Creating a functional computer program is very exciting for a young person, and contributes greatly to self-confidence, because coding allows them to produce a very tangible and positive result from the fruits of their own thinking and knowledge. Kids love sharing something good about themselves, and the wonderful success of creating a working computer program is a very solid example of that kind of achievement.

Computer coding is a movement that’s rapidly gaining traction around the globe, because the benefits to children last far beyond the present. Coding can be an introduction to a fascinating world all by itself, and at the very least can provide skills that will be used for a child’s entire life.

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