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Student Spotlight: Become a Trep

One of Tech Trep’s most popular courses is the Become a Trep Course. This course teaches kids the basics of building and managing a company and how to handle money in the process.

Become a Trep, or enTreprenuer, gives kids the knowledge to turn a passion or idea into a real business. Creating, designing and selling an idea and becoming an entrepreneur is something a lot of kids think about. Today’s schools are not doing enough to cultivate the creativity in the minds of the rising generation and encourage building a dream. Tech Trep can enable kids, as young as 8, to start and manage a basic business. If your child is starting a business at 8, just image what they will be doing at 18.

“I like to earn money and give to the poor…On the first year we work hard, on the second year we work smart. On the third year we invest and invest.”

Kids like Maylee and Benjamin are getting learning invaluable skills and starting businesses today. Check out our Become a Trep course page to get your kid started building a business and doing things they never knew they could.

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