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Educational Tech Gifts for Your Kid

Take a look at your kid’s holiday wish list this year and you’re likely to see the usual culprits—a laptop, a smart phone, a tablet, video games, or maybe even a nice camera. But instead of giving your kid yet another gadget, why not give them something they can learn from?

While you may be doubtful that your kid would enjoy an educational present, hear us out. Educational gifts that relate to your child’s hobbies and interests are a great way to empower their interest in the subject and encourage further exploration. Learning real-world skills, while having a blast creating cool new projects, is a great way to inspire your kids to take learning into their own hands.

So instead of giving your kid a video game, give them a course that will teach them to design a video game of their own. Instead of giving your kid an iPod, give them a course that will teach them how to mix and record their own music. You get the idea!

If you think your kid would love to get a Tech Trep course this holiday season, take a few minutes to learn more about our great courses. Each course comes with interactive content, demo videos, checkpoints, projects, and required software (unless otherwise noted), as well as unlimited access to an Online Mentor.

We offer courses for all types of kids. Based on your kid’s interests, here are some suggestions for a few of our most popular courses.

Educational Kids Courses for Artists

Does your kid love to draw, sketch, and doodle on every scrap of paper they can find? While some kids who love art would love a pad of paper and a pen, our art courses for kids can inspire them to take things to the next level by combining their artistic eye with modern technology. If they’re interested in visual arts, they may enjoy 3D Design & Animation or Drawing, Sculpting & Stop-Motion Animation. If your kid is a mini Mozart, they may be more interested in our Sound & Audio Mixing Course. Our courses are a great way to provide structure to your kid’s creative exploration.

Educational Kids Courses for Techies

Do you have a hard time pulling your kids away from the video games? It’s a challenge that many parents face. So instead of buying your kid yet another video game this holiday season, meet them in the middle with one of our online courses for tech kids. Courses like Minecraft Modding 1.8 with Java teach your kids how to customize their favorite video games while learning the basics of Java and coding. Or, they can even create their own game using our Game Design and Development course. If your kid is more interested in learning how to code, they may enjoy our Programming Foundations course. All of these courses offer great opportunities to spark your kid’s interest in programming.

Educational Kids Courses for Entrepreneurs

Is your kid the one hawking lemonade on the street corner? Are they always dreaming up new inventions or creating ideas for new businesses? Our courses for youth entrepreneurs (we like to call them “treps” for short) give kids a great, age-appropriate intro into managing finances and creating business plans. Financial Literacy for Youth or Become a Trep are both great course options. While any budding entrepreneur always wants cash for Christmas, this gift will help them learn how to use it wisely.

Take your kid’s learning to the next level this year with a fun and creative educational holiday gift!

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