Learn More About The Things You Love.

A Manifesto for Kids

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” is a tough question.

Everyone knows what they love to do, but figuring out how your hobbies could work in the real world is a lot trickier. That’s where we come in.

teenage student giving thumb up while using laptop

Tech Trep Academy helps you learn more about what you love, so you can do more with it.  Love Minecraft? Learn how to make a mod. Love drawing? We’ll teach you how to make your own animated movies.  We’ll give you the confidence and skills you need, and help you discover new topics and paths, so you can figure out how to succeed on your own terms.

And next time someone asks you that question, you’ll have a much cooler answer.

So you bring the courage, and we’ll bring the courses. Together, we’ll give your passions a purpose. 

Dare to Create.

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