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4 Ideas That Will Make You Want To Be A Kid Again

The great German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once remarked that “In every real man is hidden a child that wants to play”, and that is a truism which has applied to men and women of his age, as well as all others up to the present time. What Nietzsche meant was that everyone who is not afraid to admit it, still has something of the child inside, no matter what their chronological age is.

Today perhaps more than at any other time, all of us adults would secretly (and sometimes not so secretly), love to discard all sense of decorum and responsibility, and just be a kid again. There are so many things in today’s world that strongly appeal to the kid in us, that we’d all like to take that flight of fancy back in time, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Here are a few ‘room’ ideas that might make you want to take flight:

Treehouse room 

Being outdoors on a wonderfully sunny day, climbing a tree, and surveying the neighborhood – what could be better for firing a youngster’s imagination? From your vantage point in the tree, your empire stretches out before you, with all the little creatures below awaiting your every command. If you can remember having this summertime fantasy yourself, you’d know that your kid would be wildly appreciative if you can duplicate the setting for him or her. If an outdoor treehouse in the yard is a bit too much of a project, an indoor treehouse bedroom will be just as good – imagination will fill in all the details. Go ahead and embrace your inner Tarzan.

Pirate captain room 

With the recent resurgence of pirating movies, more kids are imitating the pirate life than ever, and a bedroom laid out like a pirate ship would provide endless hours of seagoing adventures for your child. You could include a porthole in some temporary wall, a lookout nest that your child could climb up a ladder to, and some nautical accessories like ropes, life preservers, anchors, etc. Make them the captain and see what treasure you can find. Perhaps you will even discover that the best treasure is the time you spend with them.

Racing car room 

There are many department stores that sell junior-sized beds in the shape of a race car now, and if your child is interested in cars and racing, this could be the perfect way to enhance the bedroom for fun time. Some racing flags would add a nice touch, along with rugs that are themed as racetrack sections, maybe some small-sized tires, and some toy cars for holding championship races like the Bedroom 500. Checkered flag, here we come!

Camping room 

Kids love camping as a general rule, and by installing a tent in the bedroom, you’d be providing a window for an overnight in the woods or some other wild locale. As soon as the lights go out, the flashlights would go on, and your little camper would be inside, imagining the sights and sounds of the forest, the mountain range, or maybe the Alaskan wilderness. Think of it as camping without any mosquito bites. I’m all in.

Above all, as you make ‘room’ for your kids, they will make ‘room’ for you. Take time to explore with them and help them discover new things. After all, isn’t that what being a kid is really about?

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