Cool courses at reduced prices

Quick Overview is an online interactive learning provider for youth, ages 8-15, focused on TECHnology and enTREPreneurship.

We offer a wide variety of courses (see full list) such as:

  • Computer and game programming
  • Minecraft modding with Java
  • 3D printing
  • Digital art/animation
  • Sound mixing
  • Media editing
  • Entrepreneurship and more!

TechTrep is uniquely designed to inspire youth to build, do, and share cool new things. Students can move through the courses at their own pace and are personally supported by dedicated mentor.

How does it work for families in Alaska?

  1. Browse the course catalog of tech and entrepreneurship courses.
  2. Check out the many course demo videos and student testimonials posted on each Course Details page.
  3. Ask your Teacher / Homeschool Coordinator to send a P.O. to  NOTE: The price of each course is reduced in Alaska to $280/student (reg. price is $350).
  4. Once the P.O. is received, we’ll enroll your child in the course and send you an email confirmation!  It’s that easy!!

Additional Notes:

  • Each course experience provides a fun, engaging, project-based, and most importantly – mentor-supported so the parent doesn’t need to know anything about the tech topic!
  • Unlike other online course providers, TechTrep does NOT send those annoying automatic notices telling students how far behind they are every week! We let the student progress at his/her own pace so they can really enjoy the learning experience.
  • Students who are ages 8-13 usually take most of the school year to finish (1.0 credit), whereas students who are ages 14+ can often finish in one semester (.5 credit).
  • Grades are primarily Pass / Fail, but a % grade is available for reporting purposes, if needed.
  • A great benefit in Alaska is that these Technology courses can count as one of the required Core classes needed for each student