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Minecraft Modding 1.8 with Java

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Drawing, Sculpting and Stop-Motion Animation

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Become a Trep

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3D Printing and Design

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My favorite thing was learning to do animation. I like making epic battles and setting them to music!

Boy - Age 7 (Drawing, Sculpting and Stop-Motion Animation)

I am almost done with the game I am making. I am so glad I got my tech classes. They are so fun. It is almost like I am not doing school.

Girl - Age 13 (Game Design and Development)

This was by far THE BEST YEAR I'VE EVER HAD YET! I had SO much fun learning how to edit photos and put them together to make my Book About Me.

Boy - Age 13 (Digital Media Editing and Graphic Design)

I liked learning to make a SCRATCH sprite draw different shapes. I liked learning how to clone a Sprite and I liked learning how to make a game.

Girl - Age 7 (Programming Foundations)

I have enjoyed everything about this course. It is very well set up, and I have learned so much in such a little time. I have learned more than I ever would have just watching tutorials on YouTube.

Boy - Age 15 (Minecraft Modding 1.8 with Java)

My children learned that they actually like to code! I love how organized and efficient the program is. All questions are answered immediately and everyone is so willing to help. Very satisfied!



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